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How Child Counseling Is Different From Adult Counseling, & How It Could Help Your Child

When children and teens don’t know how to express themselves verbally, behaviors may become a worry. However, this Palm Beach Gardens therapist understands that the needs of each age are different. Kids use play as an outlet while older kids approaching their teen years look for guidance from peers during difficult times. Every family is unique and navigating their own challenges — I take this into account by offering child counseling which is counseling specifically to help children through their unique struggles. Having a happy, confident, well-adapted child can also help the overall family health & well-being, which helps the child and they keep spiraling upwards from there!

Why Child Counseling?

Expressing emotions can be a real challenge for young people. This is where mental health professionals provide therapeutic support tailored to age appropriate interventions and families. We recognize that children require special attention during times of transition. Kids need play-based outlets while older youth benefit from peer guidance as they learn more about themselves. Our goal is always to help create healthier family dynamics by integrating the whole household into the healing process!

How It Could Help Your Child Today

Child counseling can provide a safe and supportive environment for children to express their thoughts and feelings. Through counseling, children can learn to cope with difficult emotions and experiences, improve their communication skills, and build stronger relationships with family and peers. It can also help with specific issues such as anxiety, depression, behavior problems and trauma.

Counseling isn’t only for children experiencing severe mental health issues though, it can also be massively beneficial for children who are just going through changes like parents divorcing, a move to a new city or even a new house in the same city. For example, let’s say your family moves to another house, but stays within Palm Beach Gardens. That could be enough to make your child feel like the rug has been pulled from under him. Even if they’re still in Palm Beach Gardens, it could be a scary experience being in an entirely new home for some children. can also help children develop self-esteem, problem-solving skills and resilience.

As children move through Erik Erikson’s stages of development, their needs, boundaries, and even communication style. Child counseling could not only help kids navigate these changes, but also help parents understand and adapt to them. And a well-communicated family is a happy family!

Find A Child Counseling Expert In Palm Beach Gardens Today

Child counseling can be beneficial for children of all ages and can provide them with the tools they need to navigate through life’s challenges. If you’ve read this far and think it may benefit your family, the next step is to find a therapist you can trust. My name is Jessica Harrison LCSW, and I’ve been helping children and their families for over 24 years. I make sure everyone in my office, especially children, feel safe, welcome, and free to speak their mind. If you think you, your child, and your family could benefit from family counseling, contact me and let’s set your child on the path to healthy growth together.